We are energy market accelerators

About us

We work with automation oriented to the electrical market (GTD – Generation, Transmission and Distribution)


Developing SCADA software, EMS, ADMS/FLISR, gateways, asset condition-based monitoring and data analytics.

We also integrate enterprise solutions and support customers and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) who use our products. For generation, we work in distributed generation projects, microgrids, energy storage and generating plants.

We work to improve the performance of energy operations, focusing on reducing costs and increasing return on investment. We work in synergy with partner companies that complement our solutions.


We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the needs of our customers and partners.


When we go into a project, we go for it.


Availability, knowledge and connection to better serve.


The Lean Automation methodology is based on our way of looking at work.

Mission, vision and values


Develop and apply software solutions for the energy market, contributing to the good management of global energy.


To be a reference in the world market as a provider of software solutions for better energy management.


Integrity Work ethically, respect people, be honest with us and with others.

Accuracy Be exact, supported by the organization and the search for quality in everything we do.

Determination Maintain enthusiasm and act with persistence to solve complex problems.

Consistency Act with firmness, consistency and attention to establish solid and trusting professional relationships.

Creativity Obsessively search for new ways to face our work in search of innovative solutions.


History, knowledge and experience

We were born on August 26, 1992, developing the first EMS/SCADA in Brazil.

ActionView grew with the support of demanding and experienced customers. So also evolved the protocols, the modules added to SCADA of Control Centers and the software architectures created to implement communication with hundreds of IEDs. In 30 years, we have developed seven products and integrated hundreds of solutions in the areas of energy generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunications, sanitation, building automation and airports. Our challenges and achievements entitle us to develop even more winning solutions.

+30 years of experience
Condition Based Monitoring
+4 years of experience
+20 years of experience
Data analytics
+5 years of experience