APROT - 2021

APROT - 2021

Objective: to provide an Automatic Generation Control System.

Action.Net for an Automatic Generation Control System in Angola

In this project, Action.NET is used to provide an Automatic Generation Control System – AGC, implemented by the company APROT at Empresa RNT CompanyAngola’s power generation company.

The system’s function is to maintain the frequency of the electrical system area, through control resources that operate in four plants and their generating units, namely:

Instalation at the AGC

The AGC is in the intermediate stage of implementation, and should be completed by the end of 2021, bringing a significant gain in the stability of the RNT's generation system.

This system is being implemented at the Camama Control Center, Angola, where the communication and acquisition of data from the plants will be redundant and dedicated (between plants and dispatch) to carry out power calculations. Consoles are being installed in the control rooms with user-friendly interface for operator supervision.

Currently, the AGC will be implemented in the Flat-Frequency – FF (constant frequency) modality, but it will already be prepared for a future exchange control.

This system will collect information from the main plants (Lauca, Capanda, Cambambe and Soyo) and, based on the frequency readings, will send setpoint adjustments to the machines in JOINT POWER CONTROL, in order to optimize the system’s load-generation ratio.

System Architecture and Screens

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