Celpe - 2021

Celpe - 2021

Objective: remote provision of services for parameterization of ActionView software at Level 3 (Operation Center).

Scope - Remote TAF (Factory Acceptance Test) of eight CELPE substations:



São Lourenço da Mata





Serra Talhada II

Remote tests environment

Remote tests
Connection: São Paulo/SPIN and Recife/CELPE 100%

At the premises of the company Ingeteam, in Curitiba-Brazil, a remote test environment was created, all IED and HMI equipment were remotely connected to São Paulo/SPIN and Recife/CELPE.

Customer Opinion

Remote TAF participants really enjoyed the experience and are looking to new remote TAF with other vendors. Another remote TAF for CELPE has already been carried out with the company MTSYS from Natal-Brazil.

Why perform remote TAF:

COVID-19 pandemic

In-person work limitations imposed by COVID-19.

Risk mitigation

Elimination of risks inherent to the environment (traffic accidents, cargo handling in works, electrical risks).

Less bureaucracy

Reduction in documentation bureaucracy (full ASO, NR-10, complementary NR-10, EPI, occupational safety integration).


Greater agility in decision making regarding additional days and postponements, as there is no mobilization.

Cost reduction

Decrease in costs and bid prices. Lower cost to the customer.

Operation success

Seamless transition from virtual to real operation.

More availability

Greater availability of the system from the start.

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