CTEEP - 2021

CTEEP - 2021

Objective: Spin has several active projects with CTEEP as end customer. All projects are for inclusion and change of information in HMI (Human-Machine Interface) substation locations due to retrofits, entry of new bays (reactors, capacitors, transformers) or line sectioning.

Several companies (among them, Siemens and IBL stand out) hire Spin to update information from the local HMIs of CTEEP substations.

Among the active projects are:

SE Bauru:

Line sectioning between SE Bauru and SE Oeste

SE Oeste:

Line sectioning between SE Oeste and SE Bauru

SE Cabreúva:

Reactor 1 and reactor 3 bays

SE Araraquara:

Reactor bay

CTEEP maintains its local HMI updated and commissioned in compliance with the requirements of the ONS Network Procedures and following its internal standardization of point descriptions for the local HMI, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and COT – Transmission Operation Center.

In 2021, the projects were successfully completed, quickly and on schedule:

SE Bauru:

Sectioning of circuits 1 and 2 for SE Ilha Solteira

SE Ilha Solteira:

Sectioning of circuits 1 and 2 for SE Bauru

SE Taquaruçu:

Line sectioning

SE Taubaté:

Installation of a new 500kV transformer bank

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