Each Spin customer is a solutions partner and helps us in our mission to collaborate with the good management of the world's energy.

Check this page for some highlights and a complete list of clients served.


Our customers since 1998 have had the automation of their operations center and its 43 substations, as well as complementary solutions to their operation, such as pole recloser switch management and a series of management modules energy. They have a system support contract with Spin specialists in loco to collaborate in meeting the company’s demands.


 The largest energy distributor in the country is a pioneer in the massive adoption of condition-based monitoring system. Together with Enel-SP, we implemented SmartSub software for condition-based asset management, with real-time monitoring for key equipment in the middle of the energy distribution process. After the pilot project, we extended our mission with the utility to integrate more strategic assets, collaborating with monitoring, preventive and predictive maintenance activities.


The multinational steelmaker is implementing Spin’s SCADA Action.NET in its Brazilian operation. Both the operations center and 15 substations rely on the intelligence provided by .NET technology, with the complement of OTS-Operator Training System and EMS-Energy Management System modules.


 The Indian multinational wind market giant has SCADA Action.NET in the control center of its headquarters in India. The integration work was carried out by SCOPE T&M, one of our partners in the Asian market. Through large operations management dashboards, Action.NET provides diverse information for monitoring and decision making.




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