Software integration


Software integration

More than three decades of application integration experience

We have been integrating systems for over 30 years. We do it with speed, quality and excellence. Our methodology for integration is divided into ten phases.

Integration in ten steps


Functional specification.


Parameterization of SCADA software and IEDs.


Testing the system in a laboratory environment.


System test in factory environment.


System commissioning.


System review.


Operation and maintenance training.


Assisted operation.


Providing the as built documentation.



Spin has already integrated hundreds of automation systems in the areas of electricity generation, transmission and distribution, sanitation, telecommunications and building automation.

Remote Commissioning

Commissioning is carried out to ensure that an operation is ready to start.

But there is no lack of challenges when it comes to checking that everything is working. Even more in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had such an impact on the pace of social production.

And, in addition to the pandemic, there are several other limitations: short deadlines, reduced teams, long physical distances. In these scenarios, remote commissioning gains space as an alternative. But you need to know when to act remotely without compromising the quality of your work.

Spin works remotely when (requirements):

Has access to local computer operation activities, to restart, update, reconfigure the system, etc. This access can occur through a digital tool or a partner collaborator in loco.

It was possible to perform laboratory tests satisfactorily, allowing only physical connections and communication between equipment to need testing.

There is a previous planning that brings together a checklist of tests to be carried out and mapping of risk mitigation measures.

Engineers and technicians feel safe to work remotely, either because of their experience in relation to the work site, or because of the good working harmony between the participants.

Additional benefits

Possibility of recording the entire test

If the communication between the participating teams is done on the same computer where the accesses and tests will be done by the Spin employee, we can record the entire test.
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Best value for money

There is greater agility in decision making and less extra cost in terms of additional unforeseen days and possible delays in mobilization.

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