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In 2017, we expanded our business operations to the international market by opening an office in Toronto, Canada. Spin Canada works with SCADA software integrator partners in the Asian and North American markets. We are present in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, in addition to Toronto.


Startup focused on data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve operations. To keep up with the rapid evolution of the energy market, we created a Spin spin-off aimed at improving operations. Through Spin_On, we develop and offer 3 products: Action.Wind, Action.Sun and Grid.Net.


We have been Tatsoft partners since 2010, when we started to use the SCADA system kernel that they develop, adding functionalities necessary for the electrical market, as well as all the protocols used in this market. We build electrical market-driven applications on our world-class development platform. Spin is the specialist Tatsoft partner in the energy market, with solutions for EMS, ADMS, OMS, microgrid management, FLISR and electrical protocols, among different solutions.


In R&D projects for the electricity market, we have been working with Sinapsis Soluções em Energia for several years. We developed the FLISR (Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration) solution for energy distribution utilities together and we have much more development ahead.


For our systems integration activities in Angola, we rely on APROT. The increase in the reach of Spin solutions is directly proportional to the number of partners we have. APROT has extensive experience in field projects and an excellent syntony with Spin.


We have been working together with STD for 2 decades. They provide equipment and panels to deliver complete field solutions. One of the great highlights of this partnership was the supply for the SINOCON project.

Partner companies

We have a mission and, many times, we need specialist companies to support us in carrying it out. We have integrator partners who, among so many market solutions available, recognize differentials in ours. To sustain partnerships, we apply our values in building business relationships: integrity, accuracy, determination, consistency and creativity.

The steps for working together are clear, with 3 steps.

If you are interested in accelerating your company’s business, please contact us. We are ready to help.

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