Spin at Distributech 2019

As is customary, in the midst of expanding Spin’s activities to international market, our commercial and technical teams will be present at the Distributech 2019, in New Orleans from February 5 to 7. Among Spin’s highlights for the event is the Lean Automation methodology, which aims to make the SCADA software integration process easier and…

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Customized wind farm management

“Data analytics”, “business intelligence”, “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are just some of the fashionable expressions in the technology and business worlds. But, between the promise and the delivery of a solution involving so many specialties, there is always a way to go. Spin, which has been developing solutions for the energy market for 3…

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Spin clients win ANEEL Quality Award 2019

A customer’s success must be among the main objectives of a company. For this reason, Spin is proud to be able to contribute to the recognition of the work of DME Distribuição and CEB Distribuição by ANEEL (Brazil’s National Electric Energy Agency). Both companies use Spin solutions for the automation of substations and their control…

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Spin operates in one of the most promising markets in the world

Spin participated in ELECRAMA, the largest event in the Asian energy market, in January and extended its visit to India to carry out alignments with local partners. The Indian market has proved to be one of the most promising in the world according to an IEA study, which shows how the country’s choices are representative…

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Spin at the biggest event in the Asian energy market

ELECRAMA is the biggest event in the Asian energy market. And Spin, which expands its activities in Asia, could not be left out. In 2020, the event took place in January and SCOPE team was the host for Spin and its integrating partner Nayon, from the Philippines. SCOPE is one of the largest equipment suppliers…

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New papers about Lean Automation

Two new papers were added to download area: Methodology to Automate the Generation of  SCADA applications in Electrical Systems Software to Automatic Generation of Wind Farm Application Soon we will start the distribution of components for the automatic generation of applications!

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New paper and videos

A new Spin paper was added, and will be presented at WindPower Brazil, in May 2019. In this paper there are pointers to some videos where the Lean Automation methodology is used to generate applications. In particular, the Wind Power Reports video presents 15 reports generated to optimize the operation and production of wind farms.…

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English Site Update

Spin updated the Dowloads folder of its site, adding lectures, articles, manuals, technical notes, and videos. Highlight to the videos where playlists with dozens of examples, tutorials, etc. have been added. Read Lean automation´s paper, and the various videos on the subject, showing various components created. We propose to create a component for our customers,…

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