Crafter - 2020

Crafter - 2020

Objective: control and supervision for an initial quantity of 5 photovoltaic plants.

Due to the typical modularity of photovoltaic plant equipment, such as combiner boxes and inverters, the project, both supervisory and the plant design itself, was developed in a completely standardized way. Thus, after commissioning the first plant, the project can be replicated to the other plants in less than 5 minutes. The tests that were carried out in the 4 subsequent plants, served simply to certify the correct functioning of the communication network, since the project had already been commissioned in the first plant.

There are also plans to build an Operations Center for the plants.

In this way, the simple import of all projects will build the Operations Center database.

Furthermore, a data analysis module is also being developed, which will be called Action.Sun. Action.Sun will be independent from the power plant supervision system and will connect to the SCADA system’s historical database to obtain the stored values. Action.Sun is being built in a modular way and can be easily replicated to other types of databases. It will allow the user to view the KPIs of the plants and make comparisons between plants and between equipment from the same plant. It will run in the cloud, being thus easily accessed, having reports made in extremely interactive HTML.

Examples of System Screens

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