Celpe & Cosern - 2016

Celpe & Cosern - 2016

Objective: implementation of a FLISR (Fault Location, Problem Isolation and Service Restoration) system in two Neoenergia Group distribution utilities.

Celpe has around 1,800 distribution keys and Cosern has several dozen. The system was implemented in about 260 pole switches and circuit breakers of the two groups, comprising 62 existing circuits.

The project involved the implementation of a fault location, problem isolation and restoration of energy services (FLISR) system in the most critical regions of the distribution network of the two utilities, aiming to improve their DEC and FEC rates and, consequently, improve service to subscribers. Together, the two concessionaires have around five million consumer units.

The solution was implemented in the control center of both companies, with a server in each center communicating with the SCADA existing in the respective operation center, receiving messages whenever there is a change in the topology of the distribution network. In response to the messages, there is an analysis of occurrences. In case of failure, the system detects the problem, isolates it and restores service in less than three minutes.

Spin's FLISR system

Unnecessary reconfigutation

Solution deployed in multiple sites without the need for hardware or software reconfiguration.


It is a SCADA/ADMS/FLISR, having topological processor, state estimator, power flow and FLISR algorithm using AI.

Simulation module

It has a simulation module that allows analyzing the behavior of all parameterized circuits.


The operations performed are preceded by all possible security.


The solution's screens can be viewed from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

4 different operation modes

The solution operates in four different ways: simulated mode, listening, manual and automatic mode.

Load on circuits in critical areas

Circuits in critical areas have 50% of charge restored in less than 3 minutes.

Load on circuits in areas with remote-controlled switches

Circuits in areas with remote control keys have 50% of the charge restored within 1 hour.


FLISR software for automation of electrical distribution networks.


FLISR software for automation of electrical distribution networks.

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