Celpe - 2012

Celpe - 2012

Objective: centralized control of energy distribution in the state of Pernambuco.

Automation of substations to be implemented at the concessionaire and implementation of the mirror center of the IOC (integrated operation center).

The Integrated Operation Center controls 153 substations and 1,800 distribution switches in more than 150,000 supervision and control points. There are two mirror centers, one at Celpe’s headquarters and the other, the first mirror center, located in Bongi. Altogether there are another sixty servers in the IOC and mirror center.

The work involved implementing the COI and the COE with a distributed architecture (multiservers), that is, each center has eleven pairs of servers, hot-standby, five of which are used in the regional control of substations, four in the regional control of pole switches, one used for information common to all centers and one for dualized history server. For each pair of IOC servers, there is a heteronymous pair that sees the principal as a client, thus keeping it always up to date.

The Integrated Operations Center and Mirror Operations Center were implemented.

Increase in trustworthiness

The center and mirror center are located in different neighborhoods, linked by fiber optics, increasing operational reliability.

Automatic replacement

If the center collapses, the mirror center takes over, replacing it, and vice versa.

Operation as an extension

In addition to operating in replacement mode, in the event of a building collapse, the two centers also operate in extension mode where, in the event of a major disturbance that requires more operating islands, the COE can operate as an extension of the center and vice versa.

Increased performance of dispatch islands

Distribution of system processing load, increasing the performance of dispatch islands.

Single database

There is a single database common to all multiservers.

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